CastleMiner Z- The Z is for Zombies Review

CastleMiners Z, created by DigitalDNAGames, is the best-selling Xbox Live Indie Game to date. The reason behind the success is that they simply took a great idea an added their own twist. The game is largely based upon Minecraft, using the same block building style with no actual goals. However it first sets itself apart by improving on the graphics then by completely adding guns.

You start from basic tools made of wood and stone and you mine for things like iron, coal, and diamonds to upgrade your tools, and weapons. This however is where it first begins to show its own identity. New block items include copper, bloodstone, blocks of lava instead liquid lava, lanterns, space rocks, and space goo.  Copper is a step up from stone but a step down from iron and in tool making it is widely overlooked. Copper however is useful when used to make bullet casings. Bloodstone is a rock that is found just above and inside of hell, that’s right no more empty void to fall down now we get hell. Bloodstone can only be mined by a diamond and if you take the time to build one, a bloodstone pickaxe is the best in the game. Lanterns are an alternate a source of lighting to those who don’t feel like using torches. Finally we get to the recently added space rocks and space goo. Space rocks are found in randomly generated meteor crash sights, with the glowing goo inside. This isn’t the safest place to stay because nearly invincible space aliens spawn there. But the space rocks and goo are used to make laser weapons, the best in the game.

As shown in the picture above you probably might need something better than a sword to fend these guys off. In CastleMiners Z instead of having to relying on just a sword or a bow to defend yourself you get guns. There are multiple types of guns and the guns themselves can be made from a multiple of things.

Weapon Types

  • Pistol– starting weapon, close range, and only effective on weaker enemies
  • Shotgun– short ranged, double barrel
  • Rifle– long ranged, bolt action
  • Submachine gun– medium ranged, rapid firing
  • Assault Rifle– long ranged, fast firing

Weapon Building Material

  • Iron– basic weapons, low damage, basic bullets fired
  • Gold– medium weapons, good damage, iron bullets fired
  • Diamond– good weapons, great damage, gold bullets fired
  • Bloodstone– great weapons, high damage, diamond bullets fired
  • Laser- Super weapons, bullets fired destroy blocks,  made out of space rocks and space goo

The majority of the monsters only come out at night so having a suitable shelter to wait out the night in is a requirement. However that isn’t always perfect because there are some things that don’t care what time it is. Aliens always spawn as long as you are near a meteor, and dragons mostly spawn when you enter a new biome. Zombies are a bit more of a nighttime monster only spawning in the dark however at night they seem to never stop spawning. So if you find the night approaching you may want to take shelter. As you travel farther away from the spawn the zombies get tougher, with some being able to jump around ten blocks up in the air. The other most common monster is the skeleton. Skeletons prefer to hide underground in caves and ambush you while you are trying to mine that precious diamond. The only other enemy is the demon which only will spawn if you enter hell.

In the end CastleMiners Z brings about much the same feel of playing Minecraft, however it adds more of a dark side to it. For those out there who have recently grown tired of Minecraft and need it to have more of a twist or for those who can’t afford the cost of Minecraft CastleMiner Z is a suitable alternative at the cost of one dollar. If you can’t find a dollar lying around or if you think that this game doesn’t sound right for you, please at least try the trial version.


Worms Attack

Effing Worms now has a sequel called Killer Worms 2 on and Effing Worms 2 on The premise behind the game is that you are a giant worm living under the ground trying to eat people on the surface. As you eat more people your food begins to change. It starts out with cows, chickens, the Nyan Cat (Don’t know why), and businessmen, but as the game continues the Businessmen on the run change into tanks on the patrol. To help take out these new enemies however you get to upgrade your worm with mutations. The worm gets larger faster and you can cover him with things like spikes or fire. One difference between this game and the first on is that you start out with wings instead of having to unlock them. All in all better than the original with superior graphics, better controls, and Nyan Cat, a good game for those seeking a short bloody game

Black Ops 2 non-spoiler campaign tips

By now you should know that Black Ops 2’s campaign is non-linear so simple choices throughout the game can gravely affect the game ending.  Many people regret making slight mistakes and causing there to be later repercussions.  The first important thing is in Old Wounds. Towards the end of the mission you have to interrogate a… “old friend”. During the interrogation don’t listen to the numbers. In the mission Karma you don’t have to worry excessively about if you rescue “karma” or not because afterwards there is a strike force mission where you can rescue it and get an achievement for doing so.  In the next mission Suffer with Me at the end of the mission you are instructed to shoot a prisoner, whatever you do, DO NOT shoot him in the head at the end of the game you will have great regret for doing so. Achilles Veil, a mission with an interesting start, don’t try to kill Menendez. Finally capture Menendez in the last game assuming you haven’t already ruined your story then Menendez rots in a cell (with a smashed face) till he dies.

Rant of the week #1:Fanboys

This weeks daily rant, were I try not to full blown lose my temper on something, is on obnoxious fan-boys, you know who I am talking about. The ones who defend even the worst game ever made for no reason other than it was part of a game series or if it was advertised at a specific place. I can understand when someone likes a controversial game or when it’s hated by most people. However these people are ridiculous and any attempt to ask questions or make simple comments is taking as a personal offense. so tired ill finish it later